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Drive Thru, Inc. is a full-service production and digital post-production house specializing in motion-picture production, creative editorial, and visual effects for advertising and entertainment content. We offer solutions to every step of the motion picture process, including (but not limited to) broadcast and web content.
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Lorenzo De Guia

Lorenzo's Bio

Lorenzo de Guia – Director

Lorenzo de Guia is writer/director whose work is defined by authentic, natural performances and imagery. His work spans genres but he is best known for his sports and documentary style work having worked with famous athletes (Lebron, Steph Curry, etc), celebrities, and more. Having started his career in editing, he knows intuitively how to tell a story both visually and through believable performances. 

He is currently in development of a feature film but continues to work extensively in advertising. 
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ESPN/California Almonds

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