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“Costa Rica”

Costa Rica Tourism

The following is a shortened piece from a post written by director Patrick Pierson…  “Easily one of the greatest professional honors of my life, as well as one of its greatest adventures.”\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n9 crew members, 27 days of straight filming, 18 hotels, countless loads and unloads, impossible roads, crocodile infested rivers, vast breathtaking ocean shores, washed out bridges, rabid angry monkeys, insect bites that feel like bullets, sunsets that melt richly into the corona and so much more. On the offset it seemed like a ridiculous epic task but the people I worked around were so up to the challenge that everyday seemed like a new creative joy that we would take with us forever. My title of director seemed perfunctory in the wake of these uncommonly talented individuals.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nAt the beginning of the trip I gave my direct camera crew iPods with music that I thought was suggestive of the shoot ahead. I like to think of it as working with emotion rather than a structure that we are all so used to. There were no storyboards, just the raw unexpectedness of a new location and situation everyday. I’ve always felt that music is a marvelous way to dictate what cant be said verbally to translate into something visual. When these elements are paired what can only be describes as epic comes from it.

Director: Patrick PiersonClient: Costa Rica Tourism

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