Drive Thru | RPA/ Santa Monica selects Drive Thru director Timothy Kendall for Honda Civic 2012 “Super Civic Quest” launch film
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RPA/ Santa Monica selects Drive Thru director Timothy Kendall for Honda Civic 2012 “Super Civic Quest” launch film

09 Jun RPA/ Santa Monica selects Drive Thru director Timothy Kendall for Honda Civic 2012 “Super Civic Quest” launch film

Drive Thru director, Timothy Kendall, was selected by RPA /Santa Monica to help launch the newly redesigned Honda Civic for 2012.\n\nThe assignment given to Timothy and Drive Thru by RPA was to produce and edit a two-minute film introducing and launching  “The Super Civic Quest” game for online play.  “The Super Civic Quest” is the most ambitious digital quest ever created, with 30 unique clues and seven unique pieces of custom content launches on the Honda Civic Facebook page. Players are uniquely rewarded for their clue-solving with Facebook® Credits and Amazon MP3 music downloads.

Click on the pictures below to play “The Super Civic Quest” campaign introduction or “Digital Tornado” film.

”The Super Civic Quest” introduction explains how Honda is using these videos for their elaborate scavenger hunt.

Here is what happens (in the words of Jason Sperling, RPA Group CD):

Jason Sperling, RPA Group CD

“The premise of the film finds Cesar the luchador in a predicament.  He has just lost his Honda Civic.  Cesar is a world champion, a man of the people and a real ladies’ man, very suave.  All through the film you see the media attention he gets.  Everything you see about him is posted on YouTube, blogged about or IM’d, he’s in the middle of this media tornado.  One morning he wakes up and has a big match scheduled and goes outside to get in his Civic and it’s gone!  So the basis of the game is that you have to help him find his Civic, which is somewhere out there on the web.  It’s a purely digital scavenger hunt that rewards people as they go along.  Timothy shot the intro video for this as well as seven original video clips for the game itself.” “Tim is one of those amazingly multi-talented individuals; he does his own editing, his own sound.”

This film was shot in 4 days; 3 days on location in Los Angeles County and 1 day at Siren Studio, Hollywood, CA.  Drive Thru, Inc. production based out of Santa Monica, CA.

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Production Stills

Cesar and director Tim Kendall

Cesar in the nightclub

Cesar dancing / nightclub

Cesar in dressing room

Cesar and paparazzi

Cop scene

Campaign Credits:

Client:  American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Agency:  RPA / Santa Monica

Project Name:  “Digital Tornado”

Senior VP, Executive Creative Director:  Jason Sperling

VP, Creative Director:  Nathan Crow

VP, Creative Director:  Adam Lowrey

Associate Creative Director/Art Director:  Jamin Duncan

Senior Copywriter:  Sara Bates

Senior VP, Executive Producer, Content: Gary Paticoff